ISKID, for the incoming period covering 2011 and 2012, has determined its vision in the following way: 
As regards RELIABLENESS, COMPETITIVENESS and INNOVATIVENESS at the national and international markets;

-to move our sector at a far better positions than today and to raise environmental awareness and quality of life. 
In order to put our vision into practice, the below headlines will constitute our major focus; 
-to enhance research-development infrastructure of our sector and university-industry cooperation,
to promote use of both renewable energy sources and highly productive goods,
-to be much more effective in both national and international media channels,
-to follow and to update policies together with standards, 
-to be much more effective on market monitoring via constitution of a terms of reference,
-to decrease unfair competition within our sector, whereas to improve our sector’s trustworthy image,
-to strengthen industry-state relations,
-to follow innovative technologies and to increase cooperation with international institutions.